Thursday, April 05, 2012

Hoosier Hill, IN

Highpoint #12
1257 feet ASL

One of the easier highpoints.  Hoosier Hill sits on private property, but the landowners are gracious to allow public access.  The most memorable moment of this highpoint was the drive to it on Route 227.  The road has plenty of hills and dips to tickle your tummy.  We also thought the trail around the highpoint was epic. 

Our friends from Richmond, Indiana accompanied us on this epic journey and officially knocked off their first highpoint.

I also discovered that Nessie from Loch Ness is a frequent visitor to Hoosier Hill.  Check just to the west on the satellite photo below and see if you can spot her. 

Hoosier Hill (Highpoint of Indiana)

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Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Campbell Hill, OH

Highpoint #11
1549 feet ASL

This highpoint was a family affair.  The Whited family jumped into a cozy, fuel efficient car (Brian's description--cramped and trunkless is how Krisha remembers it) and headed for Richmond, Indiana to visit some good friends that left us in Roanoke for the greener hills--ahem--I mean golden, flat cornfields of the Midwest.  This highpoint was an hour detour that Brian could not pass up. 
We arrived in fading sunlight.  The highpoint sits on a vocational school.  It was open and we drove mere steps away from the highpoint of Ohio.  There was a trail register, interesting signs, and benchmarks that Brian enjoyed.  There was a field for the kiddos to stretch their legs.  Krisha enjoyed the view. 
It was a short visit and then we were back on the road to Richmond.  Thanks, Ohio. 

Campbell Hill (Highpoint of Ohio)

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