Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Campbell Hill, OH

Highpoint #11
1549 feet ASL

This highpoint was a family affair.  The Whited family jumped into a cozy, fuel efficient car (Brian's description--cramped and trunkless is how Krisha remembers it) and headed for Richmond, Indiana to visit some good friends that left us in Roanoke for the greener hills--ahem--I mean golden, flat cornfields of the Midwest.  This highpoint was an hour detour that Brian could not pass up. 
We arrived in fading sunlight.  The highpoint sits on a vocational school.  It was open and we drove mere steps away from the highpoint of Ohio.  There was a trail register, interesting signs, and benchmarks that Brian enjoyed.  There was a field for the kiddos to stretch their legs.  Krisha enjoyed the view. 
It was a short visit and then we were back on the road to Richmond.  Thanks, Ohio. 

Campbell Hill (Highpoint of Ohio)

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