Friday, May 22, 2009

Ebright Azimuth - DE

Highpoint #8
442 feet ASL

My eclectic cousin was getting married in New Hampshire, which meant a road trip up to the wedding with my family. I've gotten my dad and to a lesser degree my mom interested in highpointing, so it was easy to convince them to stop and bag a few along the way, especially since the Delaware and Rhode Island highpoints are relatively close off of I-95.

Ebright does not require any significant elevation gain. The summit is basically a residential neighborhood and field. My family and I took an obligatory picture at a sign locating the area. As we were at the sign, a local came out and greeted us. I don't remember the ladies name, but she has effectively adopted the highpoint as her own. She will provide you with a friendly smile and local history about the area and the highpoint. Friendly indeed. She also told us how the actual highpoint is disputed. I did not feel compelled to walk the entire area in a grid fashion, but I did walk around to some of the more interesting points.

There are two benchmarks that I was able to locate. The state line between Pennsylvania and Delaware is also nearby. There is also an 1892 survey boundary marker in the area.

Delaware State Highpoint - Ebright Azimuth at EveryTrail

Map created by EveryTrail: Geotagging Community

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